Jan O'Hara's home of art, attitude, Vitamin C.


You’ve reached Tartitude, land of pith and zest, blogging home of contemporary romance writer, Jan O’Hara.

Jan O'Hara What you might wish to know about me:
    • I'm funny, modest, and extraordinarily lucky to be the current Voice of the Unpublished Writer at Writer Unboxed. (Listed in "101 Best Websites for Writers" by Writer's Digest for the last 7 years.)
    • I'm a family physician, though I no longer work in that field. This accounts for my interest in hope, and the subliminal health messages you'll find on my blog.
    • I'm married to the long-suffering ToolMaster and have two kids, Molly and Frank.
    • If you're wondering why I'd think citrus and romance should be linked, I can explain.
Need more? Longer bio is here.